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Paisaje Sur

Pasaje Sur Sailing Series 1

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Baja California, 2021

Paisaje Sur is a line of candles made up of a careful aromatic edition, of materials and manufacturing processes inspired by the Baja.

Garden: with velvety and astral notes, it invites you to enter the cool sanctuary of a hidden and personal garden. High diffusion floral aroma based on vanilla orchid, patchouli and chamomile.

Sierra: bright and crunchy in its first notes, it emulates the fresh sweetness of the river that divides the forest in two. Botanical aroma of high diffusion based on artemisia, moss and fir.

+/- 30 hours duration

Vegan candle made with coconut wax and candelilla in a supra-recycled glass from a toasted amber bottle and cotton wick. Handmade origami cover, printed on recycled paper with biodegradable rice oil-based ink. 100% recycled cardboard box with hand-applied stamp.

165g (5.82oz) | 6.8 Ø x 7.5 cm


Pasaje Sur

Tijuana Baja California

Place the glass on a smooth, stable and heat resistant surface. Be sure to cut the wick at 1 cm height to prevent a very high flame. Leave the candle burning for at least two hours the first time you light it, and never keep the candle burning for more than three hours.