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Teodoro Huerta

Teodoro Huerta "Unidos"

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Baja California, 2001

"I was born in the year 1960 in the municipality of Magdalena, Jalisco. By profession, Architect. I started painting in the year 2000 in courses and workshops at UABC, there were 3 years of this activity including a sculpture course with the Oaxacan sculptor Antonio Nava where he taught me techniques to work quarry and concrete. In those years I was fortunate to be in the workshop with Professor Álvaro Blancarte who influenced my way of continuing with painting. I won an honorable mention at the 2000 University Biennial. In my brief incursion as a painter, I believe that it is only a work that reflects the search for exploration, of finding successes in color, texture and shapes.Because of my training as an architect, I think that I deliberately want to reject straight lines through painting and geometric shapes typical of architectural design and exploit with mental freedom the provocation and control of accidents in materials. I am not worried that these works are not understood, my desire is to provoke r convey even a small emotion to the viewer, and definitely, as an essay of my work, it could be placed in the expressionism of the abstract. "

Marble and acrylic on canvas.



One of a kind

Teodoro Huerta

Tecate, Baja California.