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Laguna Cyprien

Laguna Cyprien Liquid Soap

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Mexico City, 2021.

Light and moisturizing, this liquid soap cleans while nourishing and hydrating your hands, leaving them soft and fragrant.

Honey. The aroma of honey gets its freshness from the combination of citrus, jasmine, and sweet and warm aromas like caramel and vanilla.

Green Tea. The aroma of green tea is distinguished by its floral and herbal tones that relax the body. Its aroma transports us to gardens full of nature and calm.

citrus. It is known for bringing freshness. Since citrus is not a heavy or invasive smell, it manages to leave a sweet and fresh aroma on the hands throughout the day that subtly disappears.

500 ml: 7 Ø x 20 cm
300 ml: 6 Ø x 17 cm

500 ml: 0.770 Kg
300 ml: 0.475 Kg

The products are biodegradable, free of sulfates, parabens, and silicones.
Due to the absence of sulfates, some products lather less than conventional brands on the market.

Laguna Cyprien 

CDMX, Mexico.

Apply a little product to damp skin in circular motions. Massage the body for 20 seconds with the product and try to avoid the face. Rinse immediately.
Precautions: Avoid contact with eyes. If you notice any type of irritation when applying the product, stop using it.