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La Casa Ocho

La Casa Ocho Bathroom Set INA

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Mexico City, 2022.

The INA series was born as a result of the search in the contrast of textures, the intention to experience the verticality of its lines and the fluidity of its curves. Ceramic makes this piece an element of the bathroom collection that guides the aesthetics of simplicity.
In an attempt to rescue and return to the use of essential materials, La Casa Ocho today bets with this collection on elements that integrate design and functionality, covering the needs of those who appreciate details.

High temperature ceramic with glaze.

Tray: 31 x 16 x cm

Soap dish: 13.5 x 8.5 x 3.5 cm
Glass: Ø 7 x 10 cm

La Casa Ocho

CDMX, Mexico.

Ceramic is a brittle material, do not hit or drop.