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Juan Villavicencio

Juan Villavicencio Vasilla Fracura No. 1

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Tijuana, 2023

Creation of a series of medium and small format ceramic containers with white body and/or porcelain finishes with an application on the top of a glaze with a crackle reaction in a monochromatic and textured finish.
The shapes of the pieces that are part of this collection are rounded and organic silhouettes that allow an analogy to be made between the body and the figure of the container. The finishing treatment generates a visual effect of fracture and fragility, a characteristic with which it tends to be associated with ceramics; however, it has a firmness that allows it to fulfill its purpose of containing and preserving.

High temperature ceramic (Stoneware) built on a wheel with crackle glaze application.

ø 10 x 11 cm

0.750 Kg

Unique piece

Juan Villavicencio

Baja California, Mexico.

Ceramic is a fragile material, handle the piece with care, especially the tips. It has holes in the upper part to be suspended.