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Elemental Molcajete No.6

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Jalisco, 2023

A redesign of the traditional molcajete. Hand carved by artisans in a family workshop in San Lucas Evangelista located in the municipality of Tlajomulco, Jalisco.

San Lucas Evangelista is characterized by the manufacture of molcajetes with basalt stone, however, the variety of products made with said stone has increased through the talent of the artisans. Bring a piece of mountain and tradition to your home with a piece of Mexican design.

Basalt and Tzalam.

16 Ø x 6.5 cm


Due to the nature of the material and the artisanal process, the pieces may present slight variations. We believe that the uniqueness of each piece is part of the beauty of having something made with care by the hands of artisans.


Tlajomulco, Jalisco.

Hand wash with soap and brush. Due to its natural finishes, stone may take on a darker color when exposed to oils or certain foods. For the wooden top simply wipe with a damp cloth.

Before using the product, it must be cured if it is going to be in contact with food. To cure, begin to grind raw rice with grain salt with the grinder of your molcajete over the entire concave area until they become powder, this will turn gray because it is mixing with the impurities of the stone. Remove the excess and add more rice and salt, repeating the operation until the powder comes out completely white. Wash your molcajete with water and a brush to remove dust and let it dry. Your molcajete is cured and ready to use.