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Daria Mariscal

Daria Mariscal Transformation

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Baja California, 2022

The Pai Pai Language is listed as one of the languages ​​with the highest risk of disappearance at the national level. Daria Mariscal, a traditional artist, is one of the inhabitants, the current main indigenous person of the community.

In Santa Catarina, Baja California where it is found, Pai Pai pottery has been made with a shovel and anvil for at least 1,000 years, the pots and pieces being burned on the ground in a kiln of dried yucca, native flora, and cow dung.

The clay is carefully extracted from the saw, made with passion and dedication. Processes that enrich, and identify us as Baja Californians.

The main distinction of the clay pieces are their fine workmanship and the burning of the pieces; framed as a "painting" and "art" that surrounds each one of them.



Representative piece; juxtaposition of piece "Frijolero" + "Traditional vessel"



Terracotta clay at low temperature, extracted from the hills of Santa Catarina, pulverized, sifted and kneaded by hand. Burned in traditional Pai Pai oven.



24 high x 17 wide cm