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Candela Candela

Candela Candela Ceramic Candle 300 g

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Jalisco, 2021

Containing aromas so that they are released and become sensations at the right moment is a great task. Fire is the soul of our candles, it is the element that releases the essences and illuminates the environments.
Identity, tradition and culture are the values ​​that the master craftsmen from Tonalá, Jalisco have embodied in this handmade piece. In a process in which the artisans take a bit of clay, minerals and fire into their hands and manage to transform them into this piece that is a beautiful reflection of the expression and technique of an ancient tradition.

High temperature ceramic and soy wax.

300g | 10 Ø x 11 H cm

0.945 kg

Due to the handmade process in the elaboration, there may be variations in size and color.

Candela Candela

Tonala, Jalisco.

Ceramic is a brittle material, do not hit or drop.
Light the candle at intervals of maximum 2 hours at a time. Extinguish the candle by cutting off the air supply without touching or blowing on the wick. Do not move or manipulate the candle while it is lit. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Do not leave within the reach of children.